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Why Wellness

Wellness because there is NOTHING GOOD about illnesses and diseases. Managing them comes with a huge price. It affects the pocket of its victims, their overall (Physical, Social, Mental, and Emotional) health, and family member’s well-being. The brunt is borne mostly by the sick, his care giver, family members and in the long run, the society as existing profitable economic activities are put on hold, new business ideas buried and limited resources that should have been multiplied are channelled towards providing relief for the sick. Anti-wellness habits includes poor diet, lack of physical activity, inadequate relief of chronic stress, smoking, overuse of alcohol. These habits continued over time break down the body’s immune system thus making the body susceptible to various kinds of illnesses. Every human body has an immune system. Wikipedia in its definition says The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. It will not be out of place if I liken the Immune System to a Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) in a shopping mall with heavy traffic of people and stock. The CCTV is meant to monitor what happens in the mall, who and what comes in and goes out. Now, what happens if the CCTV gets bad? Anything goes in and comes out without check even PILFERERS. Meaning that when the immune system breaks down, diseases has FREE ENTRY AND EXIT permit.


From our brief definition, the Immune System is a Structure. A structure can be built or torn down. The truth is that no structure left on its own without attention gets better. If it is not being improved on, it breaks down and gets destroyed. So, it is either of two things- (1). Keep working on the system to make it stronger OR (2). Abandon it to itself and it gets weaker. Just as a physical structure (building) needs the right standard and quantity of sand, cement, water, iron bars, stones, gravel, etc. to stand and pass for a strong structure, so does the human body,- Your body needs a mix of several nutrients from food to function at its peak. From elementary science, almost all of us learnt about the food chart, classes of food and BALANCED DIET. We are familiar with Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Fats and Oil, and Water. Our Immune System is built by what we EAT and DRINK; OUR DIET.


From the basic knowledge of elementary science, Can you judge your diet to be complete and in THE RIGHT PROPORTIONS? Now, be true to yourself. Is it? Right now, I know you are doing a serious heart search. You see, in our days, the food stuff we have are processed. The bran in our rice and wheat are gone, the juices lack the fibre of the fruits, our beans baked and canned, fish broiled, oiled and canned, the maize dehulled for palatability, everything is processed. The truth is that these processing kills the food. Now, can you answer my question?

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