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Improving Your Sexual Health

Every part of the human body is as important as the other. Sometimes, some of these body parts seem to have a mind of their own but obviously, it is harmonised with the rest of the body. If you keep your body healthy, well and maintained it will consequently improve your sexual capabilities, appetite and, as a bonus, your attractiveness and self-confidence. One of the reasons erections occur less frequently as we age is the older we are the more likely our arteries are to harden and clog up, this causes circulation problems. A healthy sexual life cannot be attained without a good supply of blood. Whatever age you are, cutting down on cholesterol and keeping your heart and arteries in good shape is the best thing you can do for your sex life. Our bodies are so connected such that they work in harmony. One sick or diseased part affects the whole . A number of herbs work in a variety of ways to boost sex drive. For ease of use, access and quantity measure, science has done a great deal in helping to ensure that these herbs are available for use in convenient forms.


Supplements taken to increase sex drive work in a number of ways: Some supplements are generally accepted to stimulate and strengthen erections. These include L-Arginine, Maca, Horny goat weed, Guiera senegalensis, Allium sativum, Ginseng, and Ginkgo. There are supplements reputed to increase energy levels: physical, mental, and sexual. These are most effective when sex drive is low due to a busy and demanding life. These include, Ginkgo, and Ginseng. Some others are supplements that are generally thought to increase production of sperm, and also acting as a trigger to sex drive. One in this group is Co-enzyme Q. There are also supplements known to stimulate desire by increasing hormone production such as testosterone, in the body. These include Maca, Evening-Primrose, Horny goat weed, Ginseng, and Saw palmetto.


Stress and over-work are the most common causes of a reduced sex drive. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and above all, try to relax and switch off. We also encourage a proper and balanced diet. With Poor diet, you are not getting enough vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. As a result, hormone imbalances may arise and have a big effect on your sex drive. Important to note also is the fact that lack of exercise will affect metabolism and hormone balance. Increase your level of exercise and sustain it, it will take a while to see any benefit. However, Beware of over exercising as it can lower testosterone; don’t push yourself to extremes. Also, being overweight can cause sluggishness, low energy levels, a diminished libido and low self-esteem. Consuming too many carbohydrates raises serotonin which will further lower your sex drive. As much as possible, avoid alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces testosterone production. Extreme long term abuse can cause impotence, shrunken testicles, penis size reduction and loss of pubic hair. Milk Thistle can help fight the poisoning effect of alcohol. Medications can also affect your libido, ask your doctor about your prescription and how it may affect you, it may be possible to change the dose or switch to another drug if necessary. We wish you a healthy sexual life.

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